Nate's Notes: Dec 20th, we are out of fully seasoned wood. We have a mountian of semi seasoned wood and are selling it with the disclaimer that it may or may not burn well in your application. We are located at 2816 South Ave Toledo Ohio and we have the following bins out front; 1 $10,4 $20, 2 $40, 1 $60 available outside 24/7 8 Wyze Cameras watching 24/7 and we do proscecute thieves as well as post their pics on facebook! Deliveries are running 1 to 3 days out and there are no weekends available currently.

With the high cost of diesel fuel we are taking a beating on offering free delivery but for now I am still going to do it, if it gets over $6 a gallon we will have to add on a delivery fee unfortunately.

Please call to schedule pickups other then self serve

Thanks for your continued business and I hope you have a good day. 

Currently only accepting credit cards, venmo, cashapp and cash. No Checks, Sorry.

Self serve is available still and you can use Cash, Venmo @Nate-ToledoFirewood to purchase.

Also Taking Cashapp $Firewoodguy

Call ahead and schedule your Holiday & fall deliveries now to lock in prices, we sold out real early last season.


We Still have Self Serve Firewood 24/7!

2816 South Ave 500' West of Westwood

 $10, $20, $40 & $60 bins available Currently.

Please pay for what you take, your honesty keeps this going. Thanks!


1/4 Cord $129 Approx. 4'x6'x16" wide With Free Delivery

1/3 Cord $159 Approx. 4'x8'x 16" Wide.WITH FREE DELIVERY


We also sell by the Full Cord $329 WITH FREE DELIVERY  

4'x4'x8' long 128 Cubic feet when Stacked.


We offer Delivery almost anywhere in Lucas and Fulton counties and are flexible with weekends and evenings as late as 8pm.

Free Delivery area is within 10 miles of our shop, $3 a mile after that.

Sorry but We no longer offer Stacking services.

After Hours and Emergency Deliveries subject to a $50 additional charge.

Toledo Firewood

Nathan Clevenz -  Owner

Pat Cothran - Yard Manager

2816 South Ave

Toledo Ohio 43609


Shop hours Wednesday through Saturday 10 am - 6:30pm  Delivery Available 5 days a week.

Self Serve available 24/7